Yom Shishi, 7 Nisan 5775


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Preserving Our Heritage

North Country Reform Temple Ner Tamid strives to provide Long Island’s North Shore with a center for Reform Jewish Values. Our Temple supports and promotes a dynamic Jewish community from generation to generation through an inclusive and participatory approach to worship, study, mitzvot and social activities.

Discovering Judaism

Discover Judaism though inclusive classes such as the ABC’s of Judaism or Lunch & Learn with Rabbi Liss. Come discover the North Shore’s best kept secret - The Little Temple in the Woods.


Our congregation celebrates the holidays throughout the year in some very warm and special ways. Please join us as we observe and celebrate the Jewish holiday cycle!

Welcoming Diversity

People of all backgrounds will find a home in our congregation. Some of our members come from traditionally observant homes, while others have led a more secular lifestyle. Many of our most active members are Jews by choice, and we welcome the participation of parents and partners who continue in their own faith as they raise a family in ours. Those who have felt cut off from religious life for a variety of reasons have found a spiritual home at NCRT.


  • HUNTING ELEPHANTS  - Jewish Film Festival 






hebrew shcool

              NCRT Hebrew School Newsletter

Our teachers are talented, dedicated, and they care! Our teachers and staff work together all throughout the year and strive to bring the best Jewish Education possible to each of our students.


lunch and learnADULT EDUCATION

Join Rabbi Liss for a new Adult Ed course Engaging IsraelLunch & Learning - Tuesdays 12:00 - 1:30pm  (Check site calendar for dates).  Bring lunch (beverages & dessert provided).  This series is a study of the Jewish People as a tribal Family.  Our next session, The North American Jewish Tribes, explores current trends within Norht American Jewry, new modes of affiliation that are emerging beyond traditional denominational divisions, and the impact of these changes on the relationship with Israel  click for more detail



March/April Issue Now Available!
Temple Family News is NCRT's bi-monthly newsletter.  Click on the image to view the latest edition.  




We need your help!  As the new year begins, we once again need families to host our Student Cantor, Lauren Levy.  We also need help driving her to and from the train station.  Please CLICK HERE to sign up and do a mitzvah!


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Read about our community, e-learning, and words from our Rabbi. Interactive commentary that lets you read and be part of a discussion.


Look For...

  Hunting Elephants flyer    Hava Nagila the movie  Tribes of Israel5  Chocolate Seder flyer


NCRT Upcoming Events

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Did you know?

  donate now170x65   Many organizations match the charitable contributions you make including those to North Country Reform Temple.  Contact your Human Resources Department for details. Donations can be made through the link above or by calling the Temple Office at (516)671-4760. ______________________________________________   L'Dor V'Dor-Dedicate a leaf or stone on the Tree of Life. NCRT's Tree of Life is located on the wall in the Temple lobby. The Tree of Life has individual plaques that are available to be inscribed to commemorate or memorialize any event or person of significance in your life. (Stones $540 Leaf $360)     IMG 2334
candleserevshabbat18  LITTLE THINGS YOU CAN DO FOR SHABBAT.......   1. Invite friends. 2. Ask guests to prepare a Shabbat blessing, song, or story 3. Set a special table for Shabbat dinner. 4. Use a special tablecloth. 5. Arrange fresh flowers in your home. 6. Polish the silver. 7. Pour a nice wine. 8. Bake or buy a challah. 9. Give thanks for the blessings of the week. 10. Light special candles. 11. Read a Shabbat prayer…then read it again. 12. Say blessings over the wine and challah. 13. Sing some nice songs. 14. Listen to the quiet peace of a dinner at home…without phone, TV, or radio. 15. Take a Shabbat walk. 16. Be open to moments of wonder, of soulful encounter. 17. Pause for a moment as Shabbat ends on Saturday night. Sing havdalah! 18. Look forward to the next week’s Shabbat celebration.    
jobsLooking for work? Have open positions available at your company? Let us know! For More details - click on NCRT - JOB CONNECTIONS under the COMMUNITY menu


Adult Hebrew Lessons Beginner Hebrew Lessons  Beginning Sunday, October 6th 2013.  Ten (10) classes that will cover the basics of learing to read Hebrew.  The class will be taught by Paula Frome and will begin at 10:00am on Sunday mornings.  
There is a $25 material fee for this class.
  Intermediate Hebrew Lessons Begining Monday, October 21st at 8:00pm.  Ten (10) classes that will cover intermediate Hebrew with an emphasis on being able to read prayers with a review of basic Hebrew.  The class will be taught by Nili Biondi.
There is a $25 material fee for this class.
  Please contact Amorita Snow if you are interested in attending at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
  • 27 Mar
    01:00 AM to 12:59 AM
  • 28 Mar
    01:00 AM to 12:59 AM
  • 28 Mar
    01:00 AM to 12:59 AM
  • 28 Mar
    01:00 AM to 12:59 AM
  • 29 Mar
    01:00 AM to 12:59 AM
  • 30 Mar
    01:00 AM to 12:59 AM
  • 31 Mar
    01:00 AM to 12:59 AM
  • 01 Apr
    01:00 AM to 12:59 AM
  • 02 Apr
    01:00 AM to 12:59 AM
  • 02 Apr
    01:00 AM to 12:59 AM
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