Yom Chamishi, 19 Elul 5775

Learning Hebrew

Adult Hebrew Lessons

Beginner Hebrew Lessons 

Beginning Sunday, October 6th 2013.  Ten (10) classes that will cover the basics of learing to read Hebrew.  The class will be taught by Paula Frome and will begin at 10:00am on Sunday mornings.  
There is a $25 material fee for this class.


Intermediate Hebrew Lessons

Begining Monday, October 21st at 8:00pm.  Ten (10) classes that will cover intermediate Hebrew with an emphasis on being able to read prayers with a review of basic Hebrew.  The class will be taught by Nili Biondi at 759-7597
There is a $25 material fee for this class.


Please contact Amorita Snow if you are interested in attending at

Glossary of Words and Terms for Jewish Living

in Interfaith Family Resources
Judaism is more than just a religion: it's a culture, a language, a way of life. And, integrated fully into these Jewish traditions are unique words and sayings. Though words may have different roots or origins (Hebrew, Yiddish, German), their meanings are…